Client Review Site: How to convince clients

I was searching for some info in regards of security/encription of the Client Review Site.
In case a client is concerned about security, with which facts and how would you try to convince him to use it (if you would do so).
My searches so far didn’t bring anything up regarding security of the CRS.
I know that you can enable IP restrictions for Client access. But as this is a global feature, you would need to disable it even if there is only 1 of a 100 clients who needs it to be turned off.
Any info would be highly appreciated.



Hi Tobi,

Thanks for writing in, we’ll be happy to help out here.

In terms of general security, the client review site, just like Shotgun streams media from Amazon S3, which is where we store our media.

If people are concerned about the type of security that enables, you can check our security whitepaper. This outlines the specific technical details our systems for processes like data backup, disaster recovery, encryption and much more.

Outside of streaming media, you also have the option to choose whether media can be downloaded by the client or simply streamed.

If you have a client who is still unsure and would require more detail, it would be great if you could let us know what are their concerns, either here or by emailing and we can answer any outstanding questions they have.



Hi Andrew,
thank you for the explanations. Especially for pointing to the White Paper, even though there are no specific details regarding the CRS.
Will discuss more detailed and confidential topics with the support.

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