Import Cuts -Updating Specific Shot Fields

I’m trying to updates shots with Import Cuts on RV.

I created an EDL using uploaded versions of two shots.
In the EDL, I edited the frameranges so that the cuts are shorter.

Import EDL Settings

  • TC to frame mapping : Automatic
  • Head and Tail : 3
  • Use Smart Fields : False
  • Update Cut Fields on Shots : True

The cut works well and can be played with no problem

But the shot fields Cut in (sg_cut_in) and Cut Out (sg_cut_out) are not updated.
Head In and Tail out are still empty (never used them)

Looking at the Event Log Entries page, it seems the tool actually change a lot of fields values on the Shot entity:

But I can’t find most of those fields on the Shots pages (“Raw Cut In” can’t be found for instance).

What am I missing?



Hey Ben!

You can chose whether or not the Shot fields get updated during the Cut import. You can read more about how that works here:

Regarding finding the fields on your Shot page, those “Raw” fields are actually underlying cut fields which used to drive what were referred to as “Smart Cut” fields which are on the deprecation block. You can find them in the Site Prefs Page: Advanced > Show "smart cut fields" in menus section. If enabled, you’ll this section at the bottom of your field options on a Shots page:

Once deprecated, we’ll stop populating those older fields (no timeline on that yet).


Hey there Brandon,

I’ve already followed the documentation.
The parameters on the import app listed on my first post should update the shots on the website, but it does not seem to work.

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Hey Ben,

From your screenshot it appears those Shot fields are being populated (Head In, Cut In, Cut Out, Tail Out). We may need to inspect the data directly on your site. Could you submit a ticket to and reference this thread, along with a link to the Shot from the screenshot, and we can investigate directly.