Shotgun Cuts and "Cut Item In" "Cut Item Out" fields

We’re doing some testing wth shotgun cuts but for some reason are finding there is a discrepancy between our ‘cut item in’ on the cut items page and shot>>cut in.

I appreciate the shot>>cut in may change if the shot is in multiple cuts but where does shotgun inherit the ‘cut item in’ value from?
if its matching metadata in the Quicktime i would have assumed it would have inherited this frame number from the .mp4/.mov
I dont think its matching from an EDL because my EDL doesnt contain frames
Can anyone on the community shed any light on this?


Hi @derek.walsh,

Thanks for writing in - I’m going to check in with our cut support exports on this one and see if they can answer that for you. We’ve got a company holiday today, so you should hear something on Monday.

Have a good weekend!

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