Import cut tool won't update asset info

Hello all,
I am trying to update the cut information in shots entities using the Cut Import Tool provided with RV, but it doesn-t seem to update it at all… It does create the cut items and it does link them to each shot, but the info is not updated at all.

1.- I add the edl to load.

2.- I choose the project.

3.- I select the existing sequence to which I want to link the edl info.

4.- I this step I chosed the already updated edl, its the same file so no changes will be found.

5.- The info is identified.

6.- I tick the checkbox “Update cut field on shots”

7.- Here you can see no info is added to the SHot entity.

8.- Here you can see the cut info is really there and the shots are linked.

My EDL looks like this:

Does anyone know what am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,

Hi there, I have similar issue. Just started looking at using the edl and Cuts. I can see it connecting to the shots in the “Cuts” page and all the Cut Item info is correct, but it doesn’t populate the Cut In or Cut out on my shots page. I can see Edit info on the shots page though such as Edit In, Edit out and Edit duration.
Not sure if you managed to fix your issue? But I’ll let you know if I get anywhere with it.
One other thing that I found that maybe useful regarding the edl and Cuts is how the Versions of published shots are named. The edl will not connect to the version if the “Version Name” includes the extension ( in the file name. When I remove the .mov it worked. Just mentioning this in case it affects others as it wasn’t obvious.

Hello james,
I ended up creating my own EDL parser, which handles now all the EDL related stuff in SG using the SG Python API.

Good luck!