Import cut tool won't update asset info

Hello all,
I am trying to update the cut information in shots entities using the Cut Import Tool provided with RV, but it doesn-t seem to update it at all… It does create the cut items and it does link them to each shot, but the info is not updated at all.

1.- I add the edl to load.

2.- I choose the project.

3.- I select the existing sequence to which I want to link the edl info.

4.- I this step I chosed the already updated edl, its the same file so no changes will be found.

5.- The info is identified.

6.- I tick the checkbox “Update cut field on shots”

7.- Here you can see no info is added to the SHot entity.

8.- Here you can see the cut info is really there and the shots are linked.

My EDL looks like this:

Does anyone know what am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,