Cut Item Info On Shots Page

Hi there,
I’ve imported an EDL through Import Cut Tool and shots have appeared in the shots page, however I can’t seem to find the Cut Item In / Cut Item out data fields in the shots page. Am I missing something?


The Cut in and Cut out fields are represented on the Cut Item entity.
These records should now be linked to your shots so you should be able to expose them in various ways/places.

On teh shots page you can make a Cuts tab which can list the cuts linked to that shot, like so:

Brilliant, thanks! What I’m still not getting is why the Cut In / Cut Out / Working Duration is still not updating, those fields are currently blank…

You mean you used the Import Cut Update Shot Info function and it hasn’t updated?

Thanks, I’m pretty sure that I had that box ticked and it wasn’t updating but somehow today the cut data is updating. Either way it works now. Thanks again for your response

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