Duplicates of Fields in Shot List

Seeing duplicated Cut In, Cut Out, Head In, Tail Out fields in the list of fields for Shot entity changes.

Any Idea why?

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Working Duration and Cut Duration also duplicated in list.

@kramester Looks like you have “smart cut fields” enabled in your Advanced Site Preferences: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/209488668-Can-someone-explain-smart-cut-fields-

The Webhooks field chooser UI displays a flat listing of fields (vs. grouping fields into sections–Audit fields, Smart Cut fields, etc.). For consistency (for the Shotgun team), would be helpful to have the same grouping in the Webhooks field chooser UI. And alternatively, could be helpful to see the underlying field code in the webhooks field chooser (to differentiate between seemingly duplicate fields, e.g. sg_cut_in vs. smart_cut_in)


Nope, they are not on.

Ah interesting. In other areas of the web UI (e.g. field choosers), the smart cut fields are hidden when the “smart cut fields” site preference is disabled. Ideally, they should be hidden in the webhooks UI as well. Otherwise, it’s very confusing as you’re illustrating!

@daigles for :eyes: on above issues

Hey guys! Looks like @Stephen was right—the field picker isn’t filtering out Smart Cut fields based on your preference.

It also doesn’t order them into a separate section.

Thanks for flagging—we’ll look at improving these issues!