I'm a Krita user, what's Shotgun?

hello! man i love krita! but what he heck is this shotgun software? I see that it adds to krita? what is the purpose of this? I only ask because, to me at least, Krita runs just fine and is set up great! in fact, i refer scores and scores of people to it all the time! lol. any info or where to gather some would be appreciated.


Hey @Mathyou_Griffass—welcome to the :shotgun: community! Thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

In short, Shotgun is a project management and pipeline platform that helps creative studios track, schedule, review, collaborate, and manage their digital assets across the globe.

With a little more detail, Shotgun is a cloud and desktop-connected platform that:

  • helps producers and managers schedule and track creative projects
  • provides tools for creative supervisors to review media in desktop, theater-based, and client presentation review settings
  • integrates with creative applications—like Krita, Maya, Nuke, and so on—to serve as the backbone of your creative pipeline

This handy overview video covers the major points of what/why/for who if you’re curious for more:

How’d you find us? Possibly through the community contributed integration with Krita+Shotgun?