Resource Kit: Intro to Shotgun Software


Whether you’re new to Shotgun (or are an expert in certain areas, but want to learn more about other parts of the software), check out our new Intro to Shotgun Resource Kit.

This resource kit includes:

  • The Shotgun Overview E-Book: What makes Shotgun the top creative production platform for creative studios of all sizes, making asset tracking and notations easy and efficient.

  • Shotgun Overview Video: Best-in-class production management for films, animation, and game development - explained in 5 minutes.

  • Getting Started with Film & Animation Video Series: This “Getting Started with Film & Animation” series will help you master the basics, set up your first project, and customize your pipeline.

  • Intro to Shotgun On-Demand Webinar: Learn how Shotgun helps increase productivity, optimize resources, expand business opportunities, and elevate creative possibilities.

Download the kit.