Project management software like Shotgun?

I’m a new VFX freelancer and looking for project management software like Shotgun.
I used the Shotgun for working with some students’ projects in school. It simplifies reviews and gives feedback quickly and clearly with powerful annotations. Instructors or clients can leave feedback in the video clip (draw or add text in a specific frame).
I’m looking for a tool or software that the clients can draw or add text in the specific frame. Free is the best; if not, I hope it could be an affordable price. As I said, I am a newbie freelancer. I didn’t have enough case yet, Shotgun is too pricey for now.

Hi @motarhama22,

If you are using Shotgun Software internally, then you can make use of the Client Review Site to share playlists with clients so they can make notes and annotate on the Versions within the Playlist. This is a free service for your client users however requires a subscription by you for Shotgun Software. A single seat of Shotgun is as low as $30 a month.

Check out more details on the Client Review Site in the links below:

I hope that helps!


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