Linear video to gaming project management guidance needed

Hey folks! I’m working at a small studio and they do both linear video (i.e., tv spots, animated shorts, etc.) and games (web or mobile), and I’m trying to help them adopt Shotgun for their gaming project management but know NOTHING personally about that area. Has anyone else done both that might have some tips? Shotgun folks, do you have articles that might help? I’m a quick study but I’m floundering right now with where to even start.


Hey @jlweiss! We’ll get one of our games experts to chime in here. What’s your timeline?

Oh…also, you may find this webinar recording handy. It’s pretty beginner, but worth a look.

Thanks @johnny.duguid! It’s not a huge rush, and I’ll go watch that webinar to get started. Since I’m unfamiliar with the game dev side of things, I’m trying right now to find the hooks to the things I am familiar with so I can suggest effective ways to set things up.

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Hello there! I’m the Shotgun Subject Matter Expert for games, and I’d be happy to help. :slight_smile: The webinar linked above is the starting point I recommend for most people – it’s basically a super streamlined answer to “what’s the bare minimum I need to get Shotgun for games up and running this afternoon?”

That said, I’d be happy to jump on a call with you next week to walk you through how it all works, or answer any questions you have here. :slight_smile: Let me know what your schedule is like next week and let’s talk!

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