You’re Invited: Shotgun Product Roadmap presentation

We’re thrilled to invite you to the upcoming, semi-annual virtual presentation of the Shotgun Product Roadmap on Wednesday, March 10. The Shotgun Product Roadmap presentation will cover what’s been recently released and where the product is heading.

We’re hosting two webinars, one at 9 a.m. PT and the other at 5 p.m. PT, so please register below for the one that best suits your time zone.

9am PT session: Register

5pm PT session: Register

If you’re unable to make either session, we’ll send a link to a recording of the Roadmap presentation for you to enjoy at a later time.

We’re excited to share with you everything that’s been happening over at Shotgun and we’ll see you on Wednesday, March 10!

—The Shotgun Product team


Hello @warren.trezevant ,

do you know if Rv and OCIOv2 will be mentioned ?



Sorry to poke this, but I am also interested in:



The only thing that we’ll cover with respect to RV is around the updating of the Sync Review feature.

We won’t have anything on OCIOv2.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you’re wondering about.


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Hi Everyone,

I signed up for the webinar but classic had to work late…will the video be made public at some point? or uploaded to the official youtube channel?

Thank you

Hi guys,
Just checked out the video, lots of exciting stuff! One thing that is important for us now is the editorial part. We’ve been looking at building something there, but if there will be a Shotgun solution soon, we’re really interested. Is there a way to have a closer look at the plans so we can adjust ours accordingly, or join some beta?


Is the link to the video available privately or publicly, please?

Link for anyone coming here looking for it: Shotgun: Developing for the Future - YouTube

@warren.trezevant Regarding the “Networking Studios” portion. Every co-production where a vendor has their own SG we start with a spreadsheet that maps out or studio terminology and use of Entities (Sequence vs Scene or Episode vs Sequence …!) and then production Pipeline Steps and Tasks and Statuses. This forms a common ground from which to work.

If the integration gets granular, we then have dedicated fields that store the vendor IDs on our own entities, which helps with cross referencing and any sync of activity.

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Thanks for providing the link to the video above, @Halil. I’ll also be posting the link in a top level thread shortly.

Thanks, too, for informing us about how your studio works. I’ll pass along this information to the team working on that effort. Excited to share more with everyone about this effort in the coming months.

I posted the video for the Shotgun Product Roadmap in a new thread here, @CarstenKolve and @Gianpaolo . Enjoy!

Thanks for this context @Halil! I’ve added your comments to the other feedback we’ve had.