You're invited: Shotgun Resource Planning Webinar

You are cordially invited to attend a Shotgun Resource Planning Webinar on Thursday, March 25th.

During this webinar, Martin Clark will give an update on the Capacity, Workload, and Utilization MVP, and will also share how the team is progressing on scenario planning using Generative Scheduling.

This webinar is for anyone interested in learning more about the Resource Planning effort at Shotgun, so please feel free to share the registration links below with anyone on your team who might be interested.

To accommodate as many time zones as possible, we are offering both an early and a late session in the Pacific Time Zone, so please confirm the times these occur for you locally.

We’re excited to share all our latest product developments with you!

—The Shotgun Resource Planning team

Shotgun Resource Planning Webinar

Thu. Mar. 25: 1hr

9am PT session: Register

3pm PT session: Register


Hi Warren!

Was this recorded by any chance? If I could get the link that’d be great!

Thank you,


This was recorded and I’ll send you the link privately.


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Hi Warren, would it be possible to also get a link?

HI @warren.trezevant. I would love a link too if possible, Thanks

Hi Warren,

We would like to be included for beta use of the Planning tools.
Could you send us a link?


Hi Bert -

The team is currently working on fit and finish off this work for release, so we’re no longer accepting new beta testers.

Thanks for expressing your interest in this work and I’m sure you’ll be pleased once it’s released.


One of my producers just mentioned this webinar to me. Can we have a link to the webinar too? Thanks.

  • JE

Hi Warren!

Is it possible to get the link of the recorded webinar?? It would be great to watch it

Thanks so much in advance,


I’d also like to see the webinar



Hi everyone on this thread, including @Scott_Ramsay.

Everything that was covered in this webinar was officially released as ‘Resource Planning’ at the end of Sept.

You can learn more in this conversation