Join us for a webinar update on Shotgun’s Resource Planning efforts

Our Resource Planning team is excited to share their progress with you on the Capacity & Workload MVP, as well as the Generative Scheduling work.

Please join us at one of our two webinars on Thursday, Oct. 22nd to hear more details.

The content of the two webinars is identical, but scheduled to accommodate different timezones. Registration is required to attend either session. To register, please follow these links:

9am PDT session: Register

3pm PDT session: Register

We look forward to seeing you on Oct. 22nd!


Hi Warren, has a recording link been posted yet?

We’re only sharing the link to the webinar privately, so I’ll send you the link offline


Is it possible to receive the recording link?

Thank you!

Sure. I’ll send you the link offline

Hi, could you send me the link to this also?


My team really need scheduling feature!
Could you send me the link?


Hi @warren.trezevant, I’m also interested in this recording if possible.

Thank you,

I would also be interested in the recording.

I would also be interested in a recording. I was there but a couple of my team members were unable to attend.

Hi @warren.trezevant, would it be possible to also be linked to the recording?

Hi @warren.trezevant!

Is it possible to send this to me as well? I’d love to share it with the team here.


Hi @warren.trezevant, I would also be interested in a link to the webinar.

Thank you!

Hello @warren.trezevant, I’d love to check out the webinar as well. Thanks in advance!

Hi @warren.trezevant,

I could do with checking the webinar about resourcing if that is possible.


  • Diego

Hi Warren, could you please share the recording link, I missed the session. Thanks

Hi @warren.trezevant ,
it would be super nice if you could send me the offline recording if possible,
thanks a lot,

Hi @warren.trezevant - please send me the link to the recorded session, cheers!