Shotgun use in the Games/Interactive industry?

Just doing a bit of market research here…

I know that Shotgun seems to be more and more commonly used at VFX/Anim studios and seems to be the market leader; but I wasn’t sure how much it is used in the game industry. I know there are a bunch of templates and workflows designed for games in Shotgun, so I am assuming games is not an insignificant part of your customer base. I see on the website that there are a number of AAA studios who are using it, but what about the rest of the industry?


Hey @Chad—they’re out there, but we don’t see a lot of games-focused discussion on the forum so I’m curious to see if you get some replies. I’ll drop you a DM about some of the existing case studies in case that’s useful.

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Cool, thanks. I’ll DM you, then.

Although I’m also curious to see if anyone else chimes in here.


Hey @johnny.duguid I’d love to see those existing case studies as well. Are you still able to share them?