Shotgun and the Music/Audio Industry

I currently work at a film music production company as the production manager. The creative team primarily uses google sheets to assign, track and approve tasks/work. We also have a few other production “tools” to keep our team/projects moving (asana, slack, etc…). While our day to day deals with our ears and sound, the creative is solely made in a visual environment (pro tools, logic, etc…). We have been trying to consolidate our many workflow platforms so that we have one portal that is able to assign, track, approve and share with clients but have had no luck. Shotgun seems like the closest thing and we love the intuitiveness.

Has anyone explored using shotgun with audio or music production workflows? (Possibly integrating pro tools somehow or google sheets).

Would anybody have advice for a film music production company looking to funnel all creative tracking, tasks and client share through one portal?


Hi @Acirco,

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Shotgun is heavily customizable and has been used creatively for many things that fall way outside it’s core competencies of VFX, Animation and games. This thread has some extreme examples.

Shotgun doesn’t have any out of the box integrations with any audio packages or Google Sheets. We do however have very powerful APIs (Python and REST) that could be leveraged for your technical team to write integrations and automations.

This being said, Shotgun is geared primarily towards a visual workflow. If you wanted to leverage any review and approval workflows for your audio material, you’d probably have to wrap those in video formats with a blank/black video feed which may not be optimal.

I’m pretty positive the rest of the Shotgun toolset like tasks and scheduling would surely be useable out of the box by your team.

I’ve assumed that you’ve already tried Shotgun but if not, feel free to sign up for a free trial.


Thank you @bouchep! I really appreciate your insight, will test out a free trial and share your links with our tech team.


I love this concept @Acirco. Let us know how it goes and how we can help!