Shotgun for post-production

Hi, can we use shotgun for post-production.
I mean that, in a film, after we filming and start edit, color grading, sound for film. we also need a software to manager it as shotgun manager VFX project. So can shotgun do this or Are there any softwares can do this?


Hi Manh,

Welcome to the Shotgun Community! Shotgun is very flexible and can be reconfigured to track all kinds of workflows, including post-production. We’ve seen studios use Shotgun to track sound files, although we don’t have an in-built audio editor.

We also have a range of custom entities that can be enabled to track custom workflows that we don’t support out of the box. Please find more info about enabling custom entities/workflows here.

The best way to see if Shotgun works for your workflow is to sign up for a free 30 day trial. This gives you access to a site with full functionality and will become your official site if you choose to sign up. During the trial, you’ll have an in-app chat function to ask any questions as well as the support of the Street team.

Hope this helps!



Hi Astrid, Our company is using Shotgun for VFX job now.
Do you have any guides for rebuild configuration.
Sorry because I havent been familiar with shotgun yet.


Hi Manh,

Here are some sites and useful articles you could reference.

For all developer documents portal

Getting start with the configuration

Please reach us whenever you have questions or problems.




Hey @Mạnh_Trường_Nguyễn, here are some other video resources you may want to check out if you are new to :shotgun:. These will help you get more familiar with the UI and the way you can track your work and setup reports, among other things.

Neither is specific to your post-production workflow, but both will help empower you to configure Shotgun to fit your specific needs. I will say that VFX and post-production are well within our wheelhouse, so I wouldn’t expect you to have too hard a time getting things tweaked to your liking. :slight_smile: