Getting Started with Film & Animation Series 🎞

New to Shotgun and would like to master the basics :medal_sports:? Check out our Getting Started with Film & Animation Series :film_strip:, and reply to this post if you’ve watched it!

If you’re interested in following along using the same spreadsheets and thumbnails used in the videos, download files from our Help Center here.

Check out more Shotgun videos here.


Just finished the whole series.

Would be great to have all the media files (tubmnails) and excel spreadsheets available to download. This would make the experience a little bit more interactive rather than just watching it.


@rgr, thanks for watching the series and for your feedback—great idea! I’ll see if I can post a zip to these for easy access.


@rgr, I’ve updated the post with a link to the files. Thanks again for your feedback! :smile:

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Hey Shaynad!

Just finished the series therefore mastered it ;). Thanks for the tutorial! Good job!



Awesome to hear, @Viktor_Sághy! Welcome to the tribe :wave:

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Viktor FTW!


Watched the series! On to the Producer Training. Thank you for these great training videos!



Hi @cscottcinema :wave: ! Welcome to the forum—it’s great to have you aboard!
Glad to hear that you are enjoying the series :relaxed:

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I tried to follow along with the tutorial as best I could, but whatever thumbnails or videos might have been embedded did not show up for me. Is this a browser issue?


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Hi @csharp7,

Sorry about that! What browser are you using? We will get to the bottom of this…


Thanks! I’m in Safari.

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Hi @csharp7,
I’m not seeing the same results on my Safari browser, so there are a couple of things to try for troubleshooting:

a) I’ve noticed that sometimes browser extensions can cause this kind of side effect. Can you check and see if you have any browser extensions enabled on Safari?
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 8.33.23 PM

b) Can you also test with another browser, like Firefox, Chrome, Brave, and see if you can render the images in those?

Let me know how this goes :crossed_fingers:


Yes, that was it! I have an adblocker that must have caught the embedded videos. Works just fine on Chrome, thank you so much!

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@csharp7, sweet! :clap:
Glad you’re able to view the tutorials now :relaxed: