Job opportunity in Vietnam!

Hello community,

We are a small FX studio (30 people) based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are working mostly on Feature Film and series. Currently working on a Netflix original. We just started Shotgun, and have never used any other management tools before (except Excel :stuck_out_tongue: ), that’s why we are extreemly overwhelmed with Shotgun…
So if anyone is interested to join the team, and enjoy the nice weather, feel free to contact me:


Hi @vietato, thank you for posting the cool opportunity! I’m Shayna and I’m on the Street Team with Shotgun. I just wanted to pass along that we have two new video series that may be helpful to you and your team since you’re just getting started:

Good luck filling the position :slight_smile:


Hi Shaynad. Thanks for the links. I did watch them … hmmm … I think 6 times? :smiley: Each time I watch it, I get a little bit smarter though. But I think there is a lot of things I still don’t fully get. That’s why I am very keen on finding someone who could join my nice team. :slight_smile: