How to remove People link from Global Page?

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Please guide me, as an Admin, how can I configure/remove just the ‘People’ link from the Global Page of Shotgun/ShotGrid for specific Permission Group (eg: Artist).


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I don’t think you can.

Could you explain your reason why?
Maybe we can suggest a solution based on that?

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Hello Ricardo,

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

The reason to remove/hide the People link from Global Page is to avoid showing details of the Users to everyone.
Do you think there is a way to do this ?


You can set permissions for individual fields on the Person entity.
So for example, if only production should see the “address” field then you can make sure only the production permission group sees that field.

Alternatively there are a range of permissions that you can set for permission groups, you can for example hide the global nav bar.

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Thanks for your inputs and suggestions Ricardo :slight_smile:

There is no field related to access to People page in fields for respective user.
Please guide me if there is and I am missing it.

Also, I tried the setting related to showing/hiding global nav bar, but it removes other links as well and only ‘Inbox’ and ‘My Tasks’ remains.

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Right click a field in the People page → Configure field

Edit the settings as you need.


Thanks Ricardo, this helped :slight_smile: :+1: