How to customize ShotGrid menus per user?

Hoping to set up ShotGrid so that different artists see menus customized to their experience.

The basic idea is this
• Artist 1 sees two menu items: “Shots”, “Versions”. On clicking Shots they see a list of Shots filtered for only Shots tagged with Artist 1 (likewise for Versions)

• Artist 2 also sees two menu items: “Shots”, “Versions”. On clicking Shots they see a list of Shots filtered for only Shots tagged with Artist 2

Is this possible in ShotGrid?

Hi @Cmq

Yes. When you build your pages, create a page filter and set the “assigned to” logic to “Current User”.

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Thanks to your note I was able to limit artists to pages relevant to them. Worked pretty well.

Ideally I’d like to the menu options to change w/ the user as well (i.e. Artist Group 1 only sees menu options for pages they’re permissioned to view)

So, for instance, thanks to your suggestion, someone from Artist Group 1 will default land on their proper page and view, but they can still see menu options for Artist Group 2. If they click on Artist Group 2, they’ll see a message saying they aren’t permissioned to see the page, but I’d prefer they didn’t even see the menu option in the first place

I guess I’m looking for dynamic menu options depending on who’s logged in. Is that possible?

I’m not sure I fully understand.

Are the artists at the same level (ie: artists from different departments) or are they at different levels (artists vs supervisors)? Also, when you edit pages in design mode, you can choose which permission roles can see the page. Permissions can be adjusted per field as well but just remember those changes will be global for that specific field.

If its the latter, then permissions roles might be what your looking for. If its the former then you might just need to make separate pages with different layouts.

Sorry for the vague answer. Hope it helps

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@PeteHart Thanks for the followup. It was my question that’s a little contorted. I was learning about page permissions and menus at the same time.

Basically everything you point out is what got pretty much everything working…

There’s a minor issue remaining. Who can see which Project menu options. From what I can tell this isn’t something I can change, but here’s what I’d like to achieve…

For our project there are several menu options: “Episodes”, “Shots”, “Shots-ArtistGroup1”, “Shots-ArtistGroup2”

When an Artist from ArtistGroup1 logs in I’d like them to see only the menu option “Shots-ArtistGroup1”.
When an Artist from ArtistGroup2 logs in I’d like them to see only the menu option “Shots-ArtistGroup1”.

Again the default page that they see works just fine. They land right on the page appropriate for them. But they do see the other menu options listed above.

It’s not the worst thing in the world. If they click on a menu option that takes them to a page they aren’t permissioned to see, they’re denied access. But the UI would be that much cleaner if menu options, like pages, could be permissioned so that only certain Artist Groups will even see them.

I hope that’s a little clearer. It’s a nice-to-have, but ultimately not a critical one.

ah ok, I see now. Your looking to really simplify the interface.

The “My Tasks” page can be a good start as it limits down the experience to just the tasks the artist is assigned to, but you’ll see see all of the field, sorting, more options, etc. when they click on the task.

If you want to narrow things down closer to what your talking about. Try creating a new page and set the type to Canvas.
While in design mode, go to the widgets tab and drag a Grid widget into the canvas. Grid widgets are basically standard pages in SG. Set the grid type to tasks and build our your page as you like (more or less copy the page you already made).
When your happy with the page, while still editing the grid widget, you’ll see an option on the left side called “Show Toolbar”. Uncheck that and your menu options will be hidden from all users that load the page.
Canvas pages and widgets are really nice for narrowing down loads of info into straight forward views. I kind of wish there was a few more widget options but I’m happy to have what we do

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The Grid will do it!!! It’s obvious too, but only after you say it. Thank you!!

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