New ShotGrid feature for Admins: 'Internal Resources' section in User Menu

ShotGrid’s latest update empowers Admins and Producers with a new section in the User Menu. With ‘Internal Resources’, you can now organize and centralize all your studio’s important documentation and resources, allowing users to quickly and easily find the information they need, while remaining in ShotGrid.

Check out a short 2min video of the workflow here

And check out the documentation here


So this allows us to add links to external sites ? The video doesn’t show whether they open in a new tab or within a frame on the sg site.

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I tried it and it launches in a new tab

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Indeed - it launches the resource into a new tab in your browser.

I love this new feature, and I quickly tried it out to add our internal documentation right away, however recently some of our artists notified us that it is not visible for them, but we haven’t added any permission group restrictions. As far as I was able to test it, only one permission group can’t see it. Can you point me to some troubleshooting guide or doo you have any idea what might be the problem? Thank you!

I havent looked but what permission group cant see it?
Could it be the “vendor” permission group?

We created a few custom groups, the one in question is called General Users, this is for all of our game artists, animators and 3D artist. Art Directors (Reviewer group) and Team Leads (Supervisors group) can see it as well as me as admin.

Our team would love to help you, Anna, but it’s hard for us to understand what’s going on without a little more digging. Can you please submit a support ticket, so we can track this and have a clear line of communication? Thanks!

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Or perhaps you can review the documentation first, to ensure the solution isn’t addressed there.

Thank you, I’ll do that. I tried checking the documentation too, but couldn’t find the solution there. I suspect it might be a bug, but I’m also not very tech proficient, so maybe I just missed something. Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: