How to display Huds up message in rv viewport that disappears automatically?

Does anyone knows how can we display a hudsupmessage in the viewport of rv? its like how translucent image metadata is displayed ontop if the image.
I want to display at the bottom of the rv viewport window and want it to disappear automatically after few seconds !



What kind of message are you looking to display? Like a warning or metadata? There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this, so I’d love to know more details.



I want to notify user with an information message. “Shotgun will use same window to play mov.” after user saves the setting.



Great, thanks for that info. Is there a specific reason why you’re looking to have the HUD in the lower right corner?

If you want, you can use commands.displayFeedback and that will show up a message that disappears and it’s very easy to implement:

from rv import extra_commands as rve
## Hold for 2 seconds
rve.displayFeedback("Shotgun will use same window to play mov", 2.0)

Unfortunately displayFeedback is limited to upper left corner. If you want to move your message to another portion of the application, you’ll need to use setupProjection call and do some math on size of the box/coordinates and size of text. You can take a look at under RV_INSTALL_PATH/PlugIns/Mu/ for some inspiration if you’d like.

If you’d like a warning message that needs to be clicked/dismissed you can use commands.alertPanel command. Though it sounds like that’s not quite what you’re going for.

Hope this helps!



displayFeedback is certainly the way to get these sorts of messages in RV’s native look and feel.

You mentioned this…

… so we also made a simple example to show off how one of the info overlay widgets work, which works like the image metadata.

Check out that dev example over here:

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Thank you Michael, Alexa

displayFeedback is exactly what I was looking for.