RV - event to detect when Source FPS changed?

Hi all,

I recently got a ticket from one of our users that the FPS indicator in RV doesn’t change when he changes the FPS of a clip using “Image” > “Set Source FPS”.

It seems the FPS indicator of RV only displays the Playback FPS, not the Source FPS, of a clip (please correct me if I’m wrong), but I was thinking I could find some other way to solve the problem, like maybe a new indicator. I see that there is a “fps-changed” event that fires when the Playback FPS is changed, but is there an equivalent event for Source FPS? I would like to avoid just constantly checking if the Source FPS has been changed, and having a proper hook for that would help. Thank you!

Hey @cjlee,

Yeah unfortunately that’s a limitation with how RV timeline UI appears. If your view is through sequence/layout/stack, the FPS is conformed to the group and the inputs/outputs are retimed to whatever the group FPS would end up being…

I don’t think there’s a specific FPS event and not really a graceful workaround for it.

What you can try is listen for graph-change-state event and check if the *.group.fps attribute has been changed:

Event: graph-state-change from IPGraph ‘sourceGroup000000_source.group.fps’

And then you can query what that group.fps is and display it in a hud of some sort:

You can also fuddle with the retime node on group node, for some more displaying options:


Hope this helps.


Okay I see, thank you for the clarification and the ideas! :slight_smile:

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