Media timecode framerate not matching media framerate

Hi all,

I’ve been having an issue with RV defaulting source media timecode framerate to 24fps despite source media being at a different framerate.
The current example I’m working with is a 23.976fps quicktime mov. Loading into RV and displaying the Image Info overlay, I can see the FPS is recognized correctly as 23.976, but the Timecode/Frame Rate is displaying as 24. This is also reflected in the source frame vs source timecode in the timeline.


This obviously impacts the source timecode to frame conversion, and makes things a bit messy when trying to set cut in/out frame values based on EDL timecodes. Right now I’m hard coding the timecode to frame calculation assuming 24fps despite the project and source media being at a different framerate.

I’ve set RV’s default framerate to 23.976, but this doesn’t appear to have any impact.

Perhaps its an issue with my source media, but I doubt it. I’ve checked the video and timecode stream data using ffprobe, which shows both at 23.976. Ffprobe stream output attached below, incase I’m interpreting incorrectly.

video stream


Any tips on how to force RV to treat the source timecode based on the correct framerate would be much appreciated!