displayFeedback getting clobbered

We’re using RV 7.9, and we’ve had pretty good success with using displayFeedback, especially if we add a
line after it (not necessary in all cases, but many).

However, I’ve come across a situation where I can’t get one to show up, and from what I can tell, it’s because there’s one in rvui.mu (on line 5298) happening at the same time that is likely clobbering it.

The context is that we are loading a proprietary file format that contains a list of movie paths. So on the commandline, only one “path” is getting loaded. But in our incoming-source-path callback, we process that movie list file, and do an addSource on each of the movie paths in that file. We want to put a displayFeedback msg up saying we’ve “Loaded 5 of 52”, the same way rvui.mu does, to show the progress so far, but for some reason it never shows up. Instead, we see the rvui feedback bubble up there saying “Loading 1 of 1” for the entire load time (1-3 mins sometimes). I’m not sure if our feedback msg is never getting displayed, or if it just continually gets overwritten by the rvui one so fast that we don’t even see ours.

I should note that we are wrapping all of the addSource commands in addSourceBegin and addSourceEnd calls. Though we are running rv with progressiveSourceLoading OFF, so that may not matter. Is there a good way that we can tell rv how many total movies we’ll be loading, so the rvui displayFeedback would just be accurate with its loadCount and loadTotal calls?

Is there either some way we could get around that clobbering on our end, or would it be possible to make rvui not clobber other feedback msgs that might be there?

Thanks for any ideas,