Querying RV during startup and loading

I’m trying to implement something that can query rv during startup and loading, from a separate process, to see how far along the loading process is (ie. Loading 56 of 340). I’m using the rvNetwork.py example module to connect to rv, and that seems to connect quickly at the start of launching. But when I then call either rvc.sendEventAndReturn or rvc.remoteEvalAndReturn, it appears that rv blocks them until everything is done loading (which takes 40-50 secs in my testing case), and then it starts to respond fine to the messages after it’s finished loading media. But of course it’s too late to be useful if it can’t respond during loading.

I’ve tried with progressiveSourceLoading both on and off, and it doesn’t seem to act differently in that regard.

I don’t have a ton of socket communication experience, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something really obvious. Has anyone tried anything similar? Any ideas, or is that the expected behavior?


Alan, how are you loading your sources? Is it a series of addSource/addSourceVerbose, or addSources?

The important part of that is: is RV hung up in Python/Mu the whole time while loading or have you handed control back to RV’s event loop?

Hi Michael -
Thanks for your reply - we’re typically just using a series of addSourceVerbose calls, usually wrapped in addSourceBegin and addSourceEnd calls.

So are you thinking addSources would get RV hung up in Python/Mu the whole time, or addSource calls? I noticed that 2021.0.3 will introduce addSourcesVerbose, which we may want to start using, especially if it might help with something like this (but even just for batching’s sake).