RV submit auto over info, such frame number / shot name and focal length etc

Hello dear Shotgun / RV team:
I am looking for a feature when I use RV submit a version from a image sequences!
RV could gather the frame number or shot name and focal length etc. and auto overlay it on submitted version! I am not sure it is a possible, or have a package could do this request already, or other way suggestion? please guide me a direction to read more!

Big thanks!

I found this

But where to place the setup file? Or how to install the overlay info?


Hey @vfxjimmy,

The guide you’ve linked offers dynamic overlays though it sounds like you’d like to have baked-in burnins?

You can add frame burnins via RVIO, do you have access to an RVIO license? If you don’t you’ll need to purchase one from tweak@autodesk.com.

Then you can add a couple of different simple burnins like so: