ShotGrid Info Overlay in RV

I have a script written that creates a custom RV session out of ShotGrid. It’s similar to the “Play in RV” button but structures the session differently (with old versions, stacks, etc).

I would like to maintain all of the lovely features that you get with the “Play in RV” default button like the ShotGrid Info Overlay for example. Is there any documentation on how to set up this connection between a source in RV and the Version in SG so that the features in the ShotGrid menu will work?



the Play in RV button connects to an rv link protocoll that looks something like this:

rvlink:// -l -play -eval 'shotgun.theMode().setServerURLValue(YOUR.SERVER);shotgun.sessionFromVersionIDs(int[] {64488});

I don’t know how you set up your custom script, but it needs to evaluate the shotgrid Mode or the Screeningroom Mode to have a connection.
I have not yet tried to connect different Modules with one another, I did format the rvlink to my needs. I’m sure if you search for the eval string, you will find something useful.

cheers, Henna