RV plugin guides?

I’ve found the various developer video series to be extremely helpful and I was wondering if there are any like that for extending RV.

I’ve done some basic things like adding a new menu with some shortcuts and other commands but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the best ways to create panels that link to Shotgun or potentially changing the existing ones in SG review.

Here’s an example of something that would help our studio a lot:
I have a script that generates an .RV file based on selected shots that puts them together in sequence with their correct LUTs, as well as footage and REFs. By adding the sg_review int version_id when writing the file I’m able to initialize shotgun and then see notes, swap in other versions, etc.
That’s all good but we would like to add the ability to not only see other versions of the shot but also versions of assets linked to that shot.
It seems like that wouldn’t be too difficult to change the way the versions are searched and filtered in the panel but I haven’t yet figured out where those versions are being searched and added to the panel.

Thanks for any help!


We had trouble digging through the SG Review plugin to change things so ended up making our own suite of tools.

Couple of things we used:

  • RV_SUPPORT_PATH to extend the plugins directories
  • PySide2 Dock Widgets to extend the UI
  • rv.runtime.eval + MuSymbol the ‘slutils.retrieveSessionsData’ method to retrieve the users SG creds so that api calls are run as them (in case you need to track that)

HTH, but I hope that were able to find the spot in SG Review to change instead as that sounds more like what you are wanting.


Thanks @Chris_Bennett.
What were the PySide2 Dock Widgets you used?
Also, that’s a great tip about slutils.retrieveSessionsData to get SG creds! I didn’t know you could do that.

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Hi Jase,

We hear you in terms of the lack of RV video series! In fact, your feedback is coming in at the right time as we’re in the process of figuring out how to bring that content soon! Unfortunately right now we don’t have anything available, besides the old school manuals.

You can see a Pyside example under RV_INSTALL_PATH/PlugIns/Python/pyside_example.py. This example shows a way to create a dock widget within RV.

Most of the Shotgun <-> RV integration is handled by one package called Shotgun Integration. You can find the files installed under RV_INSTALL_PATH/Mu/. It’s available as a standalone package through Github as well (if you’d like to see what all files are responsible):

The ones you probably care about are shotgun_mode.mu and shotgun_review_app.mu. These are responsible for the Shotgun menu and the UI logic for Screening Room/SG review, respectively. You can configure which Shotgun fields show up in RV by creating your own shotgun_fields.mu file (take a look at shotgun_fields_demo.mu for details).

Now if that’s not enough configuration for you, you can mess around with SG Review directly, but it’s pretty fragile. You can find the version that is bundled under RV_INSTALL_PATH/src/python/sgtk/bundle_cache/manual/tk-rv-shotgunreview/. This is the business logic of SG Review and what it fetches, it’s all handled through SG Toolkit. You can get the standalone plugin here: https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/tk-rv-shotgunreview

If you want to go completely custom, you can use pyside example and either Shotgun or toolkit API and roll your own review panel. The RV toolkit implementation is here: https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/tk-rv

Let us know if this helps!



Thank you, that definitely helps.