Shotgrid and shotgrid rv ,
Is both same?

Iā€™m guessing your referring to media playback around Shotgird?

If so, there are two main options.

  1. Media playback through the Shotgrid website. This is limited to content that is upload/transcoded to the Shotgrid site. It allows people using their web browsers to review material, leave notes, etc.

  2. Media playback through RV. This allows playback of the original format image sequences (exrs, etc), LUT support, and all of the more advanced features RV offers. Shotgrid has a native connection within RV that allows playlists, edits, notes, etc from Shotgrid to be leveraged with the RV features. It also requires the content to be locally available, in the studio where the work is produced for example. A client outside of the studio would not have access

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