Give status percentage summary by exclude omit

Hi there,

Sometimes in production, we might create tasks with task template which may create tasks more than we need (but we might need them later) and to do the summary if it’s possible to exclude some statuses such as omit It could be better for us able to see the overview of all processes

or you have any suggestion, please let me know


Create custom pages with filters to show what you need?

Or create query fields on the linked entity schema for those tasks that does the summary percentage excluding status-omit tasks.

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I agree with this request. It would be great to have the option to preset the filter parameters on the shotgrid defaults. Yes, you can create custom query fields, but it’s a lot of fussy work if you are doing custom query fields to roll up the status on each pipeline step. Shotgrid already has the pipeline rollups built in, so it’s frustrating to reinvent the wheel just so that you can get a summary that excludes omitted tasks.


I totally agree, pen… been asking for Pipeline Step custom controls for a decade.

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