Organise statuses by high level groupings

It seems this has been addressed to some degree within SG Create but having the ability to group statuses within Project Tracking settings per project in arbitrary groupings would be ideal.

The benefit of enabling this could be realised in column summaries and by extension graphs, where you could get a percentage, summary or count of multiple statuses that represent “In Progress” for example rather than the current implementation which is quite specific to a single status.

The addition of the “Status Group” would be visible here presumably once implemented


You might want to post this to their main portal for Roadmap requests:

But I would definitely like something like this too. In practice we have a similar process where multiple statuses are “in progress”, and it’s led to some convoluted filters and query fields being set up that could be simplified a lot by groupings like this. Ideally the groupings could overlap too (like our “Looks Good” status could fit in a “Reviewed” bucket, but also an “Incomplete” one), but that’s certainly not a necessity.


+1 for what @Gary mentioned about submitting feature requests to our product portal.

That’s the official way to request a feature and get it on the product team’s radar. Open discussion around features is definitely welcome and encouraged in the forum and we’ll be bubbling up trending topics and issues. When this happens, we’ll also be submitting the info to the product portal and will post to the forum letting you know.

There’s also this thread that talks a bit about the process and welcomes feedback and thoughts on how we could improve it.

I saw that post @johnny.duguid and I should have mentioned the feature has already been submitted to the roadmap as a suggestion :smiley:

@Gary I can see how overlapping statuses would also be of use, something which I had not considered. Reporting can get quite convoluted depending on what questions are being asked of the data so I would see how this would be of use.