Email Suppression List

The current settings for email suppression via Amazon’s SES are too strict. When a user is placed on the email suppression list, they will not receive any shotgrid notifications via email (no password resets, no client playlist invitations etc…). The worst part of this is that we never get notified about these problems. This means important client users are missing playlists without realizing it. I’m told that a simple “Out of Office” reply will cause a user to get placed on the email suppression list. I can think of three solutions:

  1. Overhaul the filter that determines if an email should be placed on the suppression list.
  2. Set up a shotgrid page where admins can manage this list for themselves.
  3. Notify the admin team that a user has been placed on the email suppression list.

As a Shotgrid Admin, I deal with email suppression issues on a weekly basis (as does the hard working Autodesk support team that responds to my emails).


I agree with you, David, we really should get an alert when this happens!


I think this would be a serious problem for autodesk because oftentimes the client users that are having trouble with this are the same folks who sign the checks for our Shotgrid licenses. It doesn’t leave a very good impression on them.

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You shed some light on this somewhere else on the forum.

Are there any internal discussions going to make this issue more manageable?
Is it on a prio list somewhere?

Hi @Ricardo_Musch

I unfortunately have no clue as to if there is anything happening on this. I know it is a pain point, and likely generates a lot of support calls which would not be necessary if things were a bit more integrated in ShotGrid, or at least not triggered on just one error.

I would defer to @warren.trezevant to ensure visibility



Thank you both for the replies! I realize it likely has more to do with Amazon than Shotgrid, but I know it would be a big time saver all around to have some kind of solution for this.

Seems that there’s an API for this:

> You can add or remove, individually or in bulk, addresses from your account-level suppression list by using the SES API v2 or console.

So making a button from the SG site People page would be an option for SG.

Something to add to the Roadmap:

I think I submitted this to the roadmap a while back… that’s another thing to add to the road map - a way to view previous submissions on the road map. :grinning:

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Submitted it again with the additional info about the API.

Haha, yes, thats probbaly a roadmap request for the company that makes the roadmap web app.