Users Not Receiving Email Notification from ShotGrid


We have noticed that some team members are not receiving notifications for tasks, assignments, and other updates on a regular basis, which is causing a delay in our workflow and communication.

We have checked the notification settings for the affected team members and confirmed that they are set up correctly. We have also checked their email filters and confirmed that notifications are not being sent to their spam or junk mail folders. However, we are still experiencing the issue.

Could you please investigate the issue further and provide a solution as soon as possible? We rely heavily on ShotGrid for communication and workflow management, and this issue is causing a significant disruption to our work.

Also facing issue with enabling or disabling the checkbox in the notification settings. Whenever I try to enable or disable a checkbox for email notifications or other notification settings, the checkbox remains greyed out and I am unable to make any changes.

Hi @Abishek

Please do reach out to support directly for that.

Posting this kind of request to Community will not get you the support you need as we cannot see what your real identity/email is nor know what is your site URL.

As a general rule, ensure that the email you use to invite someone to ShotGrid is already setup and usable.