Does Shotgun support subtasks?

Shotgun does not have an integrated subtask workflow, meaning a group of Tasks can’t be “nested” under a single parent Task.

If you are still interested in subtasks, first I would review your workflow and determine if it can be accomplished by smaller individual Tasks or perhaps naming your Tasks differently so they don’t require a “Parent” to house them. Maybe using Task Dependencies will assist any scheduling concerns you have.

If you are still tied to a subtask workflow, an inventive alternative is to create a Multi-Entity “Task” field on the Task entity which can be used to link “subtasks” to a designated “parent” Task. There is a default field on the Task entity called Related Tasks that can be used for this purpose, or feel free to create something specific if that field is already in use. A new List field could be created on the Task entity with the list items “Parent” and “Subtask” so you can categorize a Task as required and easily filter for them.

Basically there is a lot of flexibility to get you something pretty close, keeping in mind that scheduling will not be respecting any special Parent/Subtask relationships since that relationship doesn’t truly exist.

That being said, when you create more detailed workflows like this, they also take more work to maintain and update in the database, so it’s important to fully review to ensure it’s the best workflow for your needs.