Cross-Entity Task Dependencies


I wanted to make extra sure that there’s no way to enable cross-entity (for example, assets and shots) dependencies on tasks. We’re coding a solution through the API/daemon to enable us to do so, but I was wondering I’m missing something in Shotgrid that would make it easier.

Thank you,

-Phil F

Hi Phil,

Do you mean by “to enable cross-entity dependencies on tasks” a way to connect Tasks on different Entity Types or do you mean a way for ShotGrid to automatically connect Tasks on different Entity Types?



It’d be cross-entity tasks, so a task under an asset entity with a task under a shot entity as an upstream or downstream dependency.

It’d have to work in the same way as dependencies on a Task Template works, as it’d be hard to manage this manually via a multi-entity field.

It’s possible to connect tasks this way via the API but it is strongly not recommended as this would mean you connect all your Tasks on Assets and Shots via the Gantt System, which is evaluated each time a Task is assigned or its start and due date are changed. In this situation, just assigning one of the Tasks can become very slow (I talk from experience).
So you don’t want to do that (unless your projects are very small, maybe).

In this case, we’d actually be pinning the tasks so the schedule itself won’t be affected by moving start or due dates on dependent tasks. We’re seeking this functionality to amend our ‘Ready Status Trigger’ event daemon script to automatically mark downstream tasks as ready, but with cross-entity tasks.

Anyways, just wanted to know if it was possible within the site, and I think we have our answer that it isn’t! So we’ll move forward with coding our solution through the API.