disappeared notes

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The notes have disappeared from the task. And I see that they are, but they are not displayed in the activity. This is a selective problem. Everything is fine in the network task of this task. This is not the first time this has happened. Creating a new task usually sucked, but now there are a lot of such passes and there is no way to stop them from memory

Look at the history of the Note or Task to see what/who is making the changes

I understood what was the problem. some users were written in Latin. and therefore in the table Created by they are empty. Unfortunately, as an administrator, I cannot edit this field. How can I quickly solve this problem without downloading these notes again?

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Is it their names?
They would have edit that in Autodesk Identity login, then logout and relogin to shotgrid, this will pull the updated name from Autodesk Identity to ShotGrid.