Missing items from the main view - 'other' dropdown menu

Hi, Hoping someone could please advise.
I logged in today and ‘playlists’ & ‘versions’ have disappeared from the dropdown ‘other’ tab, (which is on the same level on the screen at the project name.)
It’s only disappeared from this one main project though and is there in other projects.
I’ve looked everywhere I can think of to add these back in (not sure why they disappeared).
Is anyone able to please advise how I get them back?
Many thanks,

Hi Liam! Welcome to the ShotGrid Community! :wave:

First I would check to see if this is an issue affecting just you or also other people on your team, as that may tell you whether this is an issue with your user, or with the project as whole.

My first thought was perhaps the permission role you are assigned to was updated. If “See” was unchecked for Versions and Playlists, it’s possible this could be the reason. Check what permission role you are assigned to. If it’s the correct one, an Admin user can check People permissions from the Admin menu and verify the Entity Permissions for Playlist and Version on that permission role are set to “See”. Below is a screenshot of what some of the default Artist Entity Permissions look like.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 11.57.28 AM

You could also check the Tracking Setting for the Project and consider adding the Versions and Playlists entities into the project ribbon to ensure they are visible.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 12.00.54 PM

You could also verify that the pages you’re looking for haven’t been renamed, as in the image below, where Playlists was renamed to Review. If they were renamed, they could still exist in the project navigation, but you’re just seeing them under a different name therefore they appear to be missing.

I would suggest checking the Tracking settings for the project as well, to ensure the Playlist and Version entities aren’t somehow hidden, but they shouldn’t be.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 12.00.45 PM

My last thought if none of the above works is to also make sure you’re assigned to the Project, just in case there is some kind of conditional permission rule set up that unless you are assigned to a project, you won’t have access to versions or playlists. So double check you are assigned.

I hope one of these works!