Disable Media Library Plugins


I’ve just started looking at RV 2024 and I don’t seem to be able to disable the Media Library plugins. I can disable the “Media Library Demo” plugin in RV Preferences, which stops the rvpkg file being processed, but there are still three python files in RV-2024.0.1/PlugIns/MediaLibrary (including a copy of the demo plugin) which appear to be run automatically any time I load media regardless of which plugins are active in the UI.

Is this intended? Is there any way to tell RV not to load from that folder? One or all of these files is making RV crash randomly when loading media.


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I’ve noticed the new RV release being pretty slow, maybe thats the cause then?

You can test by removing the contents of that MediaLibrary folder. This does effectively disable the Media Library plugins and is fine for testing. It’s not a great solution to the problem generally as I’d rather not have to edit the installation directory after deploying software.

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