Filtering File Types

Does anyone have a good method for filtering out specific file types? I feel like I’ve seen this written somewhere before but can’t find. Basically, we put nuke script copies in the render output, and when people drag a render folder into RV, it always throws the error on the .nk file. What’s the recommended way to ignore these files?


Hey @riddle,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to NOT load files, it’s a feature request that you’re welcome to submit here: Shotgun Software | Production Tracking, Scheduling, Review, and Asset Management

However, you might be thinking of the old forum. I think Kessler has answered this previously here:

It requires scripting to delete already loaded nodes, but hopefully it’s a starting point.


Thanks Alexa! This must be what I came across before and is super helpful! (Thanks Michael!)

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Hey John,

I noticed that the formatting on the old forum is REALLY hard to read, so here’s the code formatted and put together in a plugin for you:

Example_Package_UnloadExcludedExtensions-1.0.rvpkg (1.7 KB)

Please note:

  • You’ll still get an error message that a filetype wasn’t recognized while RV tries to load the file, but then the file is automatically removed right after.


Rockstar! Thank you!