Cuts Auto Update to Latest Version


I’m curious if there’s a way to automatically update versions in a cut to the latest version? We are hoping to have a dynamic cut that always shows the latest version of a shot. We may want it to display the latest anim version or latest comp version depending on the cut type is possible.


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Have you taken a look at the Import Cut Workflows?

What you are describing is possible as long as the cut data has been imported into ShotGrid.
The web player + RV is then able to swap versions depending on status and pipeline step and *latest.

Yea, so I’ve imported a cut into SG through RV. The part I’m stuck on is making that cut automatically update when a new version is published.


the Cuts player has an option to show the latest version.


That’s annoyingly so close to what I’m after. That’s definitely great information I was hoping to be able to select both latest and animation together. Not sure if you know how to make this possible but if not thanks for the help so far!

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To add additional functionality like that it would be possible to write a webhook or AMI that can do this for you.

I’m thinking it could edit the Cut record and swap to latest versions in a specific step or duplicate the cut specifically for animation and swap for latest versions.
Something along those lines.

Let me know if you need any help with that.