Import Cut Tool Question

Hi community,

I’ve recently downloaded a trial version of Shotgrid desktop but I can’t see the import cut tool app in there, is there something I have to do access it?


The Import Cut tool is installed with RV however if you take over the pipeline you can also install it into Desktop by making sure you add the frameworks and the tk-multi-importcut tool.

Do you have any experience with Pipeline Development or have a Pipeline TD you can call upon?

Hi Ricardo, thanks for your response. I’m just playing with it at the moment at home so I don’t have a need for any pipeline development but thanks again for your reply. Best, Michael

In that case, install RV from the apps menu in SG and you should be able to find the import-cut tool in there :slight_smile:

My advice for importing cuts is to use the RV app’s import cut tool as suggested before, but do not include the media. Just import the EDL. This will create a shot list in ShotGrid. Some detail on that process: How to import a Cut

Then upload video files as media versions in bulk. Follow the directions to Upload Media

Then link the versions to the shots created with the EDL. The link field for the media version will be the shot number.

I hope this helps.

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