Import Cut app available for Shotgun Desktop?

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to develop an edl workflow similar to the Import Cut app available in RV just directly for HIERO.
For this I wanted to take a closer look at the code that makes up the app but I can’t find a repo on github.
Also the docs say that the Import Cut app should be available as a standalone SG Desktop app but I also can’t find that repo. Thought it could be something like tk-multi-importcut.
Could someone point me in the right direction to find the code for the Import Cut app.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @tonyd,

Welcome to the new community and thanks for posting it here so other could consume.

Checked the doc you posted here and it seems we are missing the Tech Information portion, which guides installation of Import Cut on Shotgun Desktop. Let me run this by the team and get back here later.


Awesome. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Importcut is standalone app which is published to toolkit store already. You could follow this to integrate with Desktop.

The tank command

./tank install_app project tk-multi-desktop tk-multi-importcut

And then you will get to modify some files

frameworks.yml add following lines

      version: v1.4.1
      type: app_store 
      name: tk-framework-editorial

apps.yml add the following lines
  name: tk-multi-importcut
  type: app_store
  version: v2.2.3

And the last, modify tk-desktop.yml

      location: ""

Hope this is helpful.


thanks! that should do it.
Just out of curiosity… is there any specific reason why I can’t find the Import Cut app on the Shotgun GitHub page?

Hey @tonyd, we don’t advertise this app too much anymore because it has some pretty stringent formatting requirements, and, while it provides some really desirable functionality, has proven difficult to use for many who have tried to adopt it. It was packaged along with the SG Review platform, which we have since started down a path towards deprecation.

We are certainly looking at how we can revisit cut support in the context of Shotgun Create, and how importing and managing cut data fits in the future plans for our tracking and review offerings. That said, we don’t have any firm timeline yet on when we might be able to tackle a new take on this sort of functionality.


Hi guys,

Speaking of the import cut app…

Have anyone seen a bug when you play a cut the browser (created by the import cut app), and when it goes from reference quicktime to a version in Shotgun, it flashes the first frame of the version before? It’s not there when you frame step, only when you play it. Strange…

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Hey Jonas - I haven’t personally spent much time in Import Cut lately, and I don’t see any existing bug tickets like this based on a quick search. Will let others chime in as to whether this is more widespread…

In the mean time, you may want to open a support ticket for this one, and provide us a link to the media that shows the issue, so we can try to reproduce and get it logged if it is indeed a bug. Thanks for reporting!

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Hi Tommy,

Thanks for this, I’ll open up a ticket.


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I have had this problem, which is why we had to abandon the attempt of using Shotgun Cuts on the current show. I reported it but am getting very little traction with support on the topic.
I assumed it was user error during the import via RV, so have started writing my own importer from Hiero now so it’s a bit more transparent to me what is going on (not using Desktop, just plain Hiero an Shotugn API).

So I just finished writing the basic framework for exporting a cut from Hiero to Shotgun only to find exactly this problem again:

On playback the base layer mov flashes on each first frame of a cut, but when stepping through frame by frame it behaves as expected.

This is happening with Chrome as well as Firefox on OSX and Windows.

So I guess this project will have abandoned until there is a fix for this.
Very happy to provide a link to the cut entity in question and anything else that might be useful in the bug hunt, but as mentioned, I am not getting any traction from support on this :frowning:

I would so love for the cut entity to work as advertised, it would save us heaps of time in production.



Hi Frank,

As mentioned earlier in a parallel thread, we are currently working on an overall revamp of the Cut support in SG, starting with it consumption of the cuts in the WebApp and ScreeningRoom.

Therefore your problem is definitely something we’ll need to look at very soon. I’ll dig into the ticket you reported and follow-up with you if more information is required to repro in-house.



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Great, thanks Michel.
Can’t wait for this feature to work reliably so we can deploy it in production. It will be a game changer for us.


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On a slight tangent:
I have been talking to the guys that wrote Conformalizer, a reconform app that analyses edls as well as the pixel data of the respective reference clips to find differences between two cuts, report on them and export the required info to host apps. It’s an absolutely amazing tool that has already been used by Skywalker Sound among other clients. They are about to release it’s successor called MatchBox and I am helping a little bit with the Hiero integration which already works beautifully.

The devs are from the sound world but are very keen to get more input from picture guys like VFX.

Just thought that the team looking into the Cut entity and the “compare edl” feature might be interested, maybe even in a collaboration of sorts?!
Here is a link to Conformalizer, but MatchBox will look a bit simpler and easier to use: