Shotgun Toolkit App Store Directory?

Hey, gang,

Is there a directory of what apps and versions are available in the Shotgun Toolkit App Store?

I’ve used the Shotgun Software GitHub in the past, looking for toolkit apps and then looking at the Tags to get the available versions, but I’ve noticed there are apps that are available from the App Store that aren’t listed on the GitHub (e.g. tk-multi-importcut).



Hey Josh!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a directory of all apps/versions that are available. Having said that, Github is a reliable source for what apps are available for the most part: tk-multi-importcut is an old Studio tool, so it’s no longer available at large: we do give access to the raw code to some former Studio clients, but the repo is private, and it’s not available from the app store in normal cases.

Having said that, while the list of apps is accurate via github repos, the tags aren’t always: we may release a version of an app or engine (say, v1.0.2), then discover a bug (hopefully this happens infrequently!) and have to roll back, say to v1.0.1. In a case like this, you may see v1.0.2 in the Github tags and in the release notes, but if you run tank updates, you’ll get v1.0.1. Internally, we have access to this information (ie, which versions have been marked as faulty, etc.), but unfortunately we don’t have a public place for that info at this time.

Hope that clears up any confusion. Let me know if you have any other questions.


That helps a lot. Thanks!