Tk-hiero export update to element

Hi I’m new in the Toolkit pipeline enviroment and I was looking how can I change the tk-hiero export from creating and updating versions of shots to creating and updating elements of shots instead.

This would be my first big step. Then I the thing would be to create two “Export shot to SG” in the hiero export window. One “Export shot to SG version” and another “Export shot to SG element” . One wich would export the shots to version, and another that would export the shot to element. So I can chouse where I want the shot to be updated.

Thanks for the help!

You’ll likely want to have a look if the functionality you want can be achieved by editing the hooks or if the code you need to alter is deeper.
Then you would have to fork the app and make your changes there.

We have a forked version that disables Shot creation and update’s Versions if they exist instead of creating new things. Unfortunately some of that code is nested in the app code and not the hooks.

Hey thanks for the answer!

Yes I’ve been going deep into the tk-hiero-export code and I’m on the way to making it work. I’ll share it here if it works in case it helps someone :innocent:

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Also have a look here:

This simply reworks it so it searches a shotname on ShotGrid instead of looking at the episode/sequence etc.

If you have proper running projects you should never experience having a shotname twice.

(don’t make shotnames like 005_0010, instead add the showcode into it → tst_005_0010)

Hi Ricardo thanks for the answer!

Yea that might be helpfull. So I guess that in case that I try to create or upload an entity that is not asigned to a proyect or episode this would work fine?

Thanks for the tip! I’m just starting to build up and integrate the toolkit for first time :innocent: