Customize hiero export process

I’m not sure if this is a shotgun or hiero related question. I basically want to add additional functionality to the hiero export that does the following on export:

  • In the export UI options, add a customized version of ‘Shotgun Transcode Images’ as found in the script which will be displayed as a new menu item. (see attachment)

  • Update shotgun shot entity with speed and transform attributes
  • Run another custom python script as part of the export process

Can this be done through the shotgun hooks or does it need to be done elsewhere?

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You can probably do all of that except the extra menu item.
If you want to be able to switch the features on or off, you might be able to use tags on clips which you can then query from the hiero export hooks.


Nuke Studio / Hiero exporter classes are defined in the export processors, which can be found in Nuke dir under pythonextensions/site-packages/hiero/exporters

Where the Shotgun custom exporters are, I don’t know exactly (I can’t check at the moment), but if you find the .py files, modding them should be pretty straightforward. SG exporters probably subclass the original Nuke ones, so you could in turn subclass the Shotgun one and oveerride what you need.

For example, Nuke standard Transcode Images exporter is defined in two files, and The UI one defines the name of exporter you see in that dropdown and also all the knobs in the dialog. Exporter file itself contains the mechanics and does the actual job, referencing the knobs you set up in UI.

To get your new stuff to show up, you simply need to import the modules where your new exporter is defined.