Unable to play versions in MiniCut

Was trying to create a sequence cut on shotgun so that the media uploaded to individual shots under this sequence could be viewed in the mini-cut. The challenge we’re facing is to get media attached in the cut to be able to populate in the ‘versions’ column.

Few things done from my end:

  • To take care that the frame ranges of media uploaded match the cut in and cut out values. Using a script we’ve all the media starting from the cut in values.

  • Manually tried to upload media in shots with proper cut in and cut out values and linking the media to their respective shots link.

  • Tried attaching the cut to the media manually at the time of upload. But this tends to show the latest uploaded clip for all the shots in the mini cut.

So first challenge here could be to know how to connect uploaded shots media with the cut properly. Any help in this matter would be much appreciated.

Are you using the Import Cut Tool?

Yes we used the Import Cut Tool @Ricardo_Musch

Have you had a look at this documentation?