Minicut does not work on the version playback screen

We use cut items to allow us to connect and play back entire story numbers on the version playback screen.
The whole thing works, but Minicut seems to have stopped working.

What do you mean by minicut?
The “play in cut” functionality?

Thanks for the reply.

If you import the EDL when you play the version in the overlay player, you will see the button at the bottom.
Among them are buttons for playback of the whole and mini-cut.

You are saying the Minicut option is no longer there?

The mini-cut option is no longer responsive.
Entire cuts are available.

Seeing the same.

No matter what I do it always plays the entire cut for me.

I contacted support.
Autodesk said they are working on it and the internal ticket number is “SG-35131”.
If you see this number in the bug fixes section of the release notes, it means it has been fixed.

This problem appears to have been fixed.