Maintaining version numbers in SG and Playlists that detect latest versions for review

Hi there,

We are currently a small studio and have just got into SG a few months back. The solution I am looking for here:

  • Versions- When adding a version for review, is there anyway the version name be auto generated for that particular department? For eg: if an animator is adding a version to a shot in SG, and the previous version is v003 then can the next version be Project_Seq_Shot_v004?
    Is this possible?

  • Playlist- We are maintaining weekly target playlists in SG for Client Sends. The Supervisor is looking for an option where at the click of a button or with the help of some filters, he can get the latest versions of the shots for review. This is without having to open SG create or RV and manually looking through each shot for the latest version.