SG Create new version naming

One aspect of SG Create has me super confused, but if an artist is using it to add a new version of an asset with a screenshot, how do you override the name? It defaults to “Recordingxxxx” or “Screenshotxxxx”.

In an ideal world, an artist will work on an asset, and submit a screenshot or recording for a new version, and that version would just iterate on the last one… but at this point I cant even give it a custom name unless it’s sent for review and then manually changed in the web app.

Or is there a better way for them to add versions that allow for this?


Hi Maxwell,

Thanks for your feedback! Currently there isn’t a way to control the naming of Versions submitted through Create’s screen recording functionality. You would have to later change the Version names in the web UI if they need to be different.


ah bummer. Thanks for getting back to me so quick!

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Just here to pipe in that my team would also love this functionality one day!